What's YOUR Ideal Diet?

Resolve years of confusion and exhaustion by

GENETICALLY determining your Optimal Diet:

Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, or High Carb

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So many driven entrepreneurs and multi-talented mompreneurs:

- Eat for quick energy throughout the day and wasting time foraging for food

- Follow the latest fad, bio-hacker diet

- Resign themselves to revolving stimulants

- Eventually succumb to the siren-song of medications

- Wasting money on the wrong supplements, unneeded health bills, or weird ingredients

...doing all of these without any proper investigation (testing)

into what their diet should actually be.

The brain fog, fatigue, and energy dips throughout the day can be maddening to navigate amidst SO MUCH that you're responsible for.

What "DIET" means:

After years of yo-yo dieting, fad diets, and prioritizing weight loss above all else, many of my clients are exhausted from the run around.

This is precisely why testing your genetics gets you off the dieting hamster wheel.

When you see "diet", it means:

Aligning with a genetically informed dietary lifestyle that nourishes you from the inside out

(and one you never have to guess about again!)

The role of diet when it comes to your health often gets bypassed. And yet, your diet is where so much of your waking energy goes!


Never having to endure dietary experiments wondering if it's going to work (or fail) ever again.

When you consider all the time, money, energy that you have channeled into trying to feel energized, clear, and motivated, it can be exhausting to think of living the rest of your life that same way.


Eliminating the guesswork for good.

No more "diet decision fatigue", blood sugar swings, and overwhelm of trying to figure out what *actually* works for your body.


Realizing that your confusion with your diet isn't your fault.

Many creatives, parents, and entrepreneurs think the problems are due to a lack of willpower, time scarcity, or focus fatigue. What if it's not and never was?

Did you know that your GENES can tell you your exact genetically


Most people don't...until now.


The "Find Your Ideal Diet" genetic package is a powerful set of three cutting-edge genetic tests that, with a simple 5-min swab test, unlocks hidden information in your genes that help you:

- Identify your Carb Tolerance

(How many carbs you can digest at mealtime?)

- Learn Your Genetically Ideal Diet

(Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, or High Carb)

- Reveal vulnerabilities to common food triggers

(gluten, lactose, caffeine, alcohol, and histamine)

- Understand predispositions to certain eating behaviors

(overeating, sugar-cravings, fat absorption, etc.)

There are reasons I say:

TEST, don't guess.


It is easier to control your food environment vs. willpower. The fastest way to know your internal food environment is to

TEST, don't guess.


Instead of:

- using generalized diet recommendations

that work for other people

- guessing whether it will work for you

- stressing over whether a diet will work...

TEST, don’t guess.


Your genes don't lie.

When you consider all the time, money, energy that you have channeled into trying to feel energized, clear, and motivated in your business and life, your genes give you a lifetime's worth of tangible data to work with.

TEST, don’t guess.

This one-of-a-kind genetics testing bundle gives you actionable next steps for your everyday diet choices...

straight from your genes.


This is a different style of genetic tests than mainstream genetic testing like 23andme.com or ancestry.com.

This kind of genetic testing for your health will tell you your ideal diet via your carb tolerance number. These genetic insights cannot be found in mainstream ancestry tests.


This test genetically determines your

 “Carb Tolerance”: 

carb digestion and how many carbs you can eat at meals.

Learn what your

optimal diet is:

  • Ketogenic diet
  • Paleolithic diet
  • Mediterranean diet, or
  • High carb diet

Did you know your genes determine your foundational response to Gluten, Lactose (dairy), Alcohol, Caffeine, Histamine and Salt?

This test will answer

questions like:

  • Will coffee induce anxiety and/or depression?
  • Am I histamine intolerant?
  • Am I lactose intolerant?
  • Am I gluten intolerant and at risk for celiac disease?
  • Am I at risk for alcoholism?
  • Will salt likely raise my blood pressure?

Eating behaviour is a broad term that includes meal timing, amount of food intake, and food preferences, as well as eating-related disorders.

This test will help you rewire eating behaviors by giving you insight into:

  • Satiety Feeling
  • Bitter Taste Perception
  • Sweet Taste Perception
  • Sugar Consumption
  • Fat Taste Perception
  • Response to Fat Intake

Investing in identifying your ideal genetic diet helps you to feel more sustained energy, creativity, and resilience in your family life and leadership.

How nice would it be to direct all this energy tied up in your diet on creating the impact you know you're here to make at home, in business, and in the world?

Once you know your ideal diet, you will be able to

free up more time NOW (not someday)

and extend your healthy years, creating more robust,

vibrant time to create more positive influence, health, and impact.

Your Ideal Diet Genetics Package comes with:

- 4 months of dietary and mentoring support

- 3 Complete Genetics Tests: Your Ideal Diet (Carb Tolerance), Food Triggers, and Eating Behaviors

- 45-min Report of Findings (ROF) Call with Dr. Sam

- End of program 1-on-1 follow-up call with Dr. Sam

- Monthly Ideal Diet Check-In Call with Dr. Sam's Clinical Health Coach

- Biweekly dietary email check-ins

- Recipes by diet type

- Personalized supplement recommendations

- Additional personalized resources as needed

- 20% off supplements

- 20% off additional 1-on-1 calls with Dr. Sam

- Bonus materials to help you eat on plan while on the road, traveling, dining with family and friends, and more

It's time to prioritize YOU in a whole new,

cutting-edge way.

You wouldn't be here if you didn't value your health, your longevity, your ability to create impact, and the ability to have the energy to carry out your bigger visions for your life.

Get your Ideal Diet Genetic Testing Package below!

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Hi, my name is Dr. Sam Shay, DC, IFMCP.

I'm going to keep things very real with you, okay?

For over 20 years, I was bloated and fatigued despite shifting to perfectly clean, organic, local, and pure foods.

My gas was so bad it would melt paint, kill flies, and empty yoga rooms (I'm kidding...kind of).

I wasted thousands and thousands of dollars on different diets, supplements, and seminars, lost years to fatigue, frustration, and overwhelm, and lost a lot of vitalily and longevity in the process.

Within one week of changing my diet to match my genetic tolerance for carbs, my digestion problems of 20+ years went away.

I was able to have sustained energy throughout the day.

I saved tons of money and time by eating correctly for my genetics.

I was no longer frustrated or overwhelmed by food, rather I was at ease and grateful for the food that matched my genetics.

I also uncovered a genetic vulnerability to caffeine-induced anxiety and depression.

I have quit coffee since then, despite the bio-hacker community's insistence on coffee's flawless benefits, and feel way better ever since.

I no longer struggled with what to eat, nor got distracted by the latest shiny biohacker diet.

My diet is working for me now...finally.

I want this for you, too.

Making these three tests available to you is my way to say THANK YOU

to those of you putting yourself out there to help others and create solutions we need in the world.

We need you feeling energized, resourced, and vital for as long as possible.

For you family...

For your community...

For your clientele...

For yourself!

These three tests are as cutting-edge as they get. I want the very best for this community.

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